Anne Lindberg has been nominated for Danish Crafts Collection 18.

Danish Crafts Collection is an award-winning annual collection founded in 1999. It presents a curated selection of the best in contemporary Danish craft and design at international fairs and in other commercial contexts. Read more about Danish Crafts Collection

The Interior series Nude

The interior series NUDE explores two icons in classic textile design: the quilt and the cushion. The products have a simple and stylish expression, with a touch of humour. They may appear delicate, but they are meant to be used, and over time the stains and signs of wear will only add character. With inspiration from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about The Emperor’s New Clothes, all the details and layers are deliberately laid bare, and the stuffing made part of the design expression. In the cushion, the visible stuffing creates the impression of a fluffy cloud. To ensure sustainability, the products can be taken apart when they are scrapped, and the materials used for new purposes

The Collaboration

Anne Lindberg and Dorte Agergaard met at the Kolding School of Design, and over time their collaboration developed into the joint collection NUDE in 2013. Anne Lindberg works mainly with embroidery, knitting and print, while Dorte Agergaard’s main expression is digital print. They draw equally on traditional craft techniques and contemporary art and design and like to play with and challenge existing icons.